I wanted to write a post in my Alabama Dame blog – this one right here that I am in — but I ran into a problem. I couldn’t remember how the heck to do it.

Let’s set the context for this near failure. I’ve just returned from a cruise with Bill, the first one we’ve taken since my stroke in May. The cruise was the first “normal” activity I’ve had since my hospitalization and extensive treatment. Friends and family ask me how I am and I am pleased to say I am doing very well. I had wondered, in advance, whether my health would hold out. Would I have another stroke while I was cruising, with all the attending mess that would bring?

Fortunately, no. All went well. On shipboard I had nothing to do but relax. My mind was up to the challenge of round the clock relaxation.

But once I got home, I had a life to resume, one full of activities. Bill became my helper guy; I had so many questions for him about doing ordinary day to day tasks. Then today he went away, off to Alabama and Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday. And I am on my own.

I spent hours cleaning and rearranging stuff in our small in-law suite in Em’s house, which consists of a bed area, a place for a tv and a couch, some bookshelves, and a bathroom. Keeping this place uncluttered is a big effort but it didn’t cause any mental strain.

Watching the tv is my other main activity. Tonight I watched the movie “Hair” and wanted to write about it. I didn’t anticipate any difficulty.

But WHOAH!! My mind rebelled.

And so here I am, writing, but not writing what I had intended.

Will I ever get it together again?!?!???